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1945 Foundation of Automobile Management at ČSD Boskovice
1949 Foundation of Transport Establishment 10.03 ČSAD Boskovice within the National Enterprise ČSAD Brno
1977 Opening of construction of new premises in Mánesova Street
1991 Formation of new independent State Enterprise ČSAD Boskovice, performed on the basis of Foundation Charter of MV ČSFR
1993 Formation of ČSAD Boskovice a.s. was performed, on basis of Foundation Charter FNM ČR
1995 The first General Meeting of real owners crowned the basic process of privatisation
1998 The Company was renamed to BODOS a.s.
2002 Foundation of our subsidiary BODOS Slovakia a.s.
2003 Foundation of our subsidiary BODOS bus a.s.
2005 Foundation of our subsidiary BODOS Czechia a.s.
2009 Fusion daughter company BODOS bus a.s. with VYDOS BUS a.s.


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BODOS a.s.
Mánesova 2266/1a
680 01 Boskovice

Tel.: +420 516 497 511
Fax: +420 516 416 529